Are Sarah J. Maas Books Connected?

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I’m just going to start this post off with a spoiler-warning! If you have not read the Throne of Glass series, The ACOTAR series, or The Crescent City series, please go read them. Once you’ve got them finished, come on back and let’s deep dive together! 

So, are Sarah J. Maas books connected? Yes! We can now verify that they are. House of Sky and Breath confirmed a long-believed fan theory that there would be a cross-over between SJM’s other series.

You can definitely read the Throne of Glass Series without reading any of Maas’s other books, but after House of Sky and Breath, you’ll need to be up to date on the Crescent City books to be fully informed.

So happy reading babes! There’s a LOT of pages to catch up on, but as your resident fan girl, trust me when I say it is well worth the reading time! 

The ending of House of Sky and Breath left us with quite the cliffhanger, and a huge reveal. Bryce uses the gate in the Eternal City in an attempt to travel between worlds and travel to Hel to find help.

However, she instead travels to Prythian, landing basically in Rhys and Feyre’s front yard, confirming the long-held theory that SJM worlds are connected (now this is MY kind of multiverse of madness).

So now that it’s confirmed that the stories are in fact intertwined, let’s go over some of the proof from the text that shows just how connected these three series might be! 

Aelin’s Fall Through Worlds (Chapter 99 of Kingdom of Ash)

The first big indication that the worlds cross over can be found in Kingdom of Ash, the final installment in the Throne of Glass series.

When Aelin falls between worlds, we see Rhys and Feyre. Rhys uses his power to slow down Aelin’s falling between worlds to help her land back in Erilea. 

“She passed through a world of snowcapped mountains under shining stars. Passed over one of those mountains, where a winged male stood beside a heavily pregnant female, gazing at those very stars. Fae. They were Fae, but this was not her world.”

Now that we have also been introduced to the world of Midgard in Crescent City, we can assume that the world Aelin describes as…

“…a world where a great city had been built along the curve of a river, the buildings impossibly tall and glimmering with lights.” 

…is the same world of Midgard that Bryce lives in, and that the city Aelin sees as she falls through worlds in fact Lunathion. 

The Fae in Midgard (Chapter 73 of House of Sky and Breath)

Bryce discovers that the Dusk Project is in fact the Asteri feeding off the first light of the Vanir of Midgard. They have been siphoning different species into Bryce’s world to feed off of their power.

It is revealed that the Fae and the shifters are actually both Fae, just from different worlds. 

“‘Danika realized that the shifters are Fae.’ Bryce blinked. ‘What?’ ‘Not your kind of Fae, of course—your breed dwelled in a lovely, verdant land, rich with magic.‘” 

(Also…is that land Pythrian?!)

The Midgard shifters were Fae from a different planet. All the Fae in that world shared their form with an animal.” 

I think it’s safe to conclude that the shifter Fae are from Erilea, and that the shifting-into-animals ability is the type of power that Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan, and Fenrys have, to name a few. 

I believe the Valbaran Fae are from Pythrian. The Autumn King being titled that also aligns with the seasonal courts in the ACOTAR series; hard to believe that it’s just a coincidence!

The Avallan Fae are very likely related to the Night Court, with Cormac and Azriel have very similar powers. Both have the ability to teleport, and their shadows have very similar descriptions. 

The Starborn Fae are clearly connected with Rhys. You can see this at the end of House of Sky and Breath, where Rhys and Ruhn look very similar. They also both have the same shadow powers!

Jesiba’s Great Library (Chapter 78 of House of Earth and Blood)

“Her tingling fingers brushed over the titles. On the Divine Number; The Walking Dead; The Book of Breathings; The Queen with Many Faces…” 

We know that “The Walking Dead” is from Throne of Glass, and Celeana/Aelin found it in the library in the glass castle. 

“The Book of Breathing” is from A Court of Mist and Fury and was created to nullify the cauldron. 

Why does Jesiba have these books from other worlds? I’m sure we will find out more about her in the next Crescent City book.

Jesiba is also described as having white hair and is a sorceress/witch, and we do see other white-haired magic-wielding women in both of SJM’s other series as well (Merril in the ACOTAR world and the witches and priestesses in the TOG world).

This is more theory than fact, but I am excited to see exactly what Jesiba’s involvement is in the connection of these worlds! 

The Eight Pointed Star 

The eight-pointed star has been sprinkled throughout both the Crescent City series and A Court of Silver Flames.

We see the eight-pointed star in Court of Silver Flames when Nesta and Cassian make a bargain. The tattoos that the bargain leaves are matching eight-pointed stars on both Cassian and Nesta’s spines. 

“There, dead in the center of the Illyrian tattoo snaking down his spine a new tattoo had appeared. An eight-pointed star, whose compass points radiated in sharp lines across and up the groove of his back, twining with the Illyrian makings long inked there.”

We also see the eight-pointed star laying beneath the Harp when Nesta finds it in the prison in chapter 53. 

“The Harp sat atop a large rendering on an eight-pointed star.”

Bryce also has an eight-pointed star. After she saves the city at the end of House of Earth and Blood, she is left with an eight-pointed star on her chest.

The Star Sword

This is where we see worlds finally combine with The Truth Teller (Az’s knife) and Gwydion (The Star Sword) finally reunited. 

Both swords are described as having a black hilt and blade made of obsidian

In Crescent City the prophecy about the Star Sword is… 

“When knife and sword are reunited, so shall our people be.”

Gwydion is described in the ACOTAR series as having been missing for a millennium, and that it went missing at the same time as the final item of the Dread Trove.

Ameren recognizes Gwydion as the Star Sword immediately when she first encounters Bryce. 

Are The Asteri The Dalgan? (Chapter 55 of A Court of Silver Flames)

“‘The Fae were not the first masters of this world. According to our oldest legends, most now forgotten, we were created by beings who were near gods—and monsters. The Daglan. They ruled for a millennia and enslaved us and the humans. They were petty and cruel and drank the magic of the land like wine.’”

If this doesn’t sound like the Asteri, I don’t know what does!!!!! 

There are many theories stirring that the first war and the disappearance of the High King of Pythrian and Gwydion is the same story as Theia and Pelias, with how Pelias killed Theia and took the Starsword.

All of these origin stories are definitely connected, but we will not know exactly how until the third Crescent City book is released. 

It is also very likely that the fourth missing item from the Dread Trove is Luna’s Horn! 

When Nesta has her vision of the fourth item, she describes it as “ancient bone”, and we know that the horn is made of bone. As well as this, it’s also connected to the Starborn Fae magic. 

Will There Be Another ACOTAR Book After ACOSF?

Yes! There will be. It appears that SJM plans to write at least two more books following Cassian and Nesta’s relationship. We will see these characters next up in the third Crescent City book, along with the other Crescent City characters.

What characters are you hoping to see interact? Personally, I would love to see a Rhys and Hunt throw down…

So, if you’re worried about A Court of Silver Flames not having a sequel, worry no longer! A Court of Silver Flames is not a stand alone.

I will be very interested to see if, after following Nesta and Cassian, SJM closes off the series, OR if she will continue and follow another couple in the series.

I am really here for more Azriel personally <3 

What Book Is Sarah J. Maas Publishing Next?

It is confirmed that the next book being published is the third Crescent City book, House of Flame and Shadow. This book is set to be released on January 30th, 2024, and I am losing my very mind over it!

Sarah was on maternity leave after the release of House of Sky and Breath, which would explain the longer wait between books than we have seen in the past.

SJM has confirmed that, as of the current draft, the POVs will switch between Bryce and the Prythian gang, with Hunt and other others stuck back on Midgard. 

I cannot wait to see what other crazy theories pan out to be canon and which ones are total flops! What is your favorite theory? Whether it is well-rooted in the text or absolutely crazy I NEED to know!

My personal favorite theory is that Bryce and Azriel are mates, a love that crosses between worlds. Talk about star-crossed lovers (or starborn lovers)!

I also think that there is a very strong chance that the gates used to cross worlds in the Eternal City are Wyrd gates, like the ones used in the Throne of Glass series.

The connections between the series so far have been more prominent between Crescent City and ACOTAR, so I am very intrigued to see if any Throne of Glass lore pops up more in the next Crescent City book!


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  1. I somehow feel that the Hind / Lydia and Aelin are related, with fair hair and flame magic… and perhaps Cormac too!

  2. Just finished all the series and I loved making all the connections. I like your theory about Bryce and Az but…. I LOVE her and Hunt so much that I hope it does not change. Even thought it is possible she could have two mates?

    • Oooo interesting thought! I never thought about them possibly BOTH being her mates. I just REALLY personally hope Az is not mates with Elian…But so glad you’re loving all the series!

  3. Did anyone else pick up on the 8 pointed star first appearing on TOG Crown of midnight when Celaena has to go to temple with Chaol and Celaena describes the priestess as having an 8 pointed star on her forehead

  4. I am really hoping we see more of Jessiba’s back story and how do the eyes of an owl on the outside wall of the Gallery connect to the owls from The Tower of Dawn

    • Yesssss! Jessiba is such a cool character I really hope to see more of her in House of Flame and Shadow! I didn’t even think of the connections between the owls I’ll have to go re-read those sections!

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