Who Is Day In House Of Sky And Breath?

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House of Sky and Breath is the sequel to House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas and the most recent addition to the Crescent City series.

I just finished this book recently and I am currently obsessing over all the world building as well as the new cast of characters SJM added!

One character that’s been getting a lot of attention is Agent Daybright, better known as Day. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this agent and her role in the novel.

Who is Day in House of Sky and Breath? Agent Daybright (Day), also known as The Hind, is actually Lidia Cevros, a Veneer who works as a spy and assassin. Her nickname “Day” was given to her by Ruhn Danaan (Agent Night), who is a fae prince working for the rebels. Throughout the novel, Day functions as a double agent against the Asteri through her role as The Hind and helps assist Ruhn and the rebels in their fight.

A classic Sarah J. Maas move to give one character multiple names for us to try to keep track of! So, to help you remember which person is which, here is a cheat sheet on Lidia/The Hind/Agent Daybright/Day.

Also, if you have not read House of Sky and Breath this post will contain spoilers for the book and series!

Who Is Lidia Cevros?

So, who is she? The woman of many names, titles, and talents. Let’s break each name/codename down and see if we can’t clear up the confusion of villain turned hero who I am sure will be a leading lady in book #3!

Lidia Cervos is deer-shifter and a former member of Sandrial’s inferni (RIP Sandrial). She is a spy and assassin who’s also linked to the big bad of the book, the Asteri.

Lidia’s work with the Asteri has earned a reputation as cruel, callus, and manipulative. However, unbeknownst to her employers, the true Lidia is a double agent working against the Asteri to help end their world domination.

Lidia is also connected with Sandrial’s other inferni members who all have their own pet names: The Hammer, The Hellhound, The Harpy, and our girl Lidia, The Hind.

The Hind (Crescent City)

The Hind is first referenced in House of Earth and Blood along with Sandrial’s other posse members; however, she isn’t seen in action till the prologue of House of Sky and Breath. We see her hunt down and seemingly drown Sophie Renast.

Later, we find out that she tried to call sea court to find and save her but they were too late and only retrieved the body.

The Hind’s first interaction with our main cast of characters is in chapter 33. Ruhn meets Lidia (The Hind) in a bar along side Ithan.

My first impression of her was powerful and cruel, as she casually threatened Ruhn by informing him that she had been spying on him!

Agent Daybright

Agent Daybright is first presented to us in House of Sky and Breath by Cormac Donnall in chapter 19.

She is introduced as a contact of Sophie Renast, being referenced as the “most vital spy in the rebellion”. Ruhn’s telepathic abilities create a bridge between their minds where they can meet and communicate.

In chapter 22, we also see the first interaction between Night and Day! Lidia (Day) gives Ruhn (Night) his code name in their first telepathic meeting (this is also the first reference to the pair as night and day!).

“You already have, Agent Night. Did you just give me a code name? Night and Daybright. Night and Day—he liked that.”  


Ruhn first nicknames Agent Daybright as Day in chapter 36:

“Not like the female burning across from him in the bridge. ‘Hey Day‘.”

From this point on Ruhn uses Daybright and Day interchangeably any time the two interact.

Night And Day Highlights 

The growing relationship between Ruhn (Night) and Lidia (Day) were definitely some of my favorite scenes in the book.

There’s an instant connection between the pair, and they perfectly fit with their code names contrasting one another but still needing each other to exist.

If you want the full details on their scenes, you’ll have to read the book! However, I will share some of my favorite moments of the developing relationship between the two.

Chapter 28 starts with “I am glad to see you alive” said by Lidia to Ruhn in their bridge.

This is just after she saved his life by using the mental bridge to wake him from the attack of the Reapers.

Here, we see her start to let her guard down and have a more personal and casual conversation as opposed to their previous meetings with other rebel informants. 

In Chapter 61, Ruhn and Day’s first kiss in the mind bridge quickly became one of my favorite moments in the whole series! This is all after their attempt to meet in person at the Equinox party is foiled by The Harpy.

They meet back at the mind bridge and Day confesses to Ruhn that she saw him at the party and that she now knows his true identity.

He kisses her and she kisses him back, finally breaking the touch barrier. Also who knew you could telepathically kiss someone in your mind?! And I liked it!!!

Ruhn’s Promise To Day

“But she didn’t stop him when he stepped closer. When his other hand slid around her waist. ‘I’m going to find you,‘ he said against her burning hair. ‘I’ll find you one day, I promise‘.

She shuddered, but melted into him. Like she’d yielded any attempt at restraint. ‘You remind me that I’m alive, too,‘ he whispered.”

Why Is This Such A Great Plot Twist? 

Lidia’s first appearance in the Crescent City series is as The Hind, a member of Sandriel’s inferni, and is working directly for the Asteri by hunting down Ophion rebels.

I will admit that this fact did make me think that she wouldn’t be someone who was working alongside the rebels in any way.

Baxian (The Hellhound) was also revealed earlier in the book to have had a change of heart and had himself begun working as a double agent.

I definitely didn’t think that there would be two of them working so closely together that were unaware of each other’s motives!

However, much to my suprise, it was finally revealed that The Hind/Lidia is in fact Day in chapter 75 when she saves Bryce and kills The Harpy. 

Day And Night – Possible Mates?

Okay, so let’s start with the obvious first clue that Lidia and Ruhn might be mates: chapter 67’s steamy telepathic mind scene (talk about taking a dirty mind to a whole new level!). 

Another reason I think they could be mates is the shift in Lidia’s scent and the fact that Ruhn’s scent is now mixed in with her own, even though they have never physically interacted up to the point where Ruhn scenes the change in her scent!

All signs point to mates! I mean, it’s very interesting to note how Ruhn is so quickly and intensely connected to her. His need to save her even when it puts his own life in such great risk REEKS of love!

Before we get to ahead of ourselves though, let’s remember that Ruhn is still engaged to Lidia’s half-sister Hypixia, and Lidia is romantically entangled with Pollux (The Hammer). So, there is for sure some drama to come, mates or not.

Sarah loves enemies-to-lovers, and honestly so do I! I really hope we get to see more of their romantic relationship in the next book.

Where Will Day Go In Crescent City III?

The third installment of the Crescent City series has already been confirmed by Sarah J. Mass to be her next published novel, which is super exciting!

Based on her past publishing record, I think it’s safe to guess that we will get this book some time in winter 2023. So many of our beloved characters were left on total cliffhangers, so I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this book.

We know that Lidia is still alive and her cover remains intact; however, her relationship with Ruhn is on very rocky grounds (he closed the door to each other’s minds!).

Lidia has some major redeeming to do in the eyes of Ruhn, but I have no doubt with this next book we will get much more Day and Night.

I hope to see Lidia join the main cast of characters and get to work alongside her half-sister Hypixia. I would also love to see her help rescue Hunt, Baxian, and Ruhn from the Asteri prison.

Most of all, I hope to see her come to terms with her past and have the self-love moment that she needs!

She is definitely one of my new favorite characters in this series and I cannot wait to see her development in the next book!

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