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If you, like me, were a Percy Jackson kid, you probably still love to read Rick Riordan’s work for the nostalgia factor.

And, while you’ll always love our boy, Percy, your reading tastes have grown! But, you still want books that capture the same feeling of a Camp Half-Blood book.

Well, lucky for you, I’ve made a list of books that reminded me of reading Percy Jackson but are published as adult literature!

Below are some of my favorites I’ve come across that have scratched my itch for the Percy Jackson universe in some way or another. 

If you liked the mythology… 

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

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This is a retelling of Patroclus and Achilles but this time from the point of view of Patroclus!

In this version of the story of the Trojan War, we get an in-depth look at the relationship between Patroclus and Achilles and their deep love for one another.

This novel is filled with lots of mythology and tons of tales from ancient Greece. While I was reading, I found out that I already knew a lot of the information about the story from reading Rick Riordan’s books!

I think the best way to describe this book is a gay Iliad tbh. If you loved all the history and mythology from Percy Jackson, you will find a lot of that in this book as well.

Though Percy Jackson does meet Achilles, he really only talks about his dip in the river Styx, and we know nothing about his past or Patroclus.

Definitely check this one out! You might just learn something new and find a great new favorite.

Circe by Madeline Miller

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This is another Greek mythology retelling by Madeline Miller, and though it has gotten less hype than The Song of Achilles, it’s still a great one to check out!

(also, in my opinion, this is a more interesting read)

This book follows Circe, who we actually also meet in Percy Jackson, though she turns men into guinea pigs instead of pigs.

In this book, we learn more about the life Circe lives. As a character, she gets to be more than just the evil witch version of herself that is found in the Odyssey.

This book has a very strong tone of female empowerment, and offers a deeper look into the female experience, which is something that cannot always be found in Greek mythology!

We get a look into what life is like on the island of Aeaea and the character of Circe as a whole. Also, I just love books about women written by women! 

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood 

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This book is told from the perspective of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, but now she gets her own epic!

Penelope is seen in ancient Greek stories as the perfect wife, always faithful to her husband. When he is believed dead and suitors are coming out of the woodwork for her, she is always loyal to Odysseus.

This book not only gives the character Penelope a voice but is also told from the point of view of the twelve maids that Odysseus killed upon his return from war.

In this version of the story, Penelope is not “perfect” but is a flawed character, and there is a big emphasis on her role in society as a woman and her job to reproduce.

As in all of Margeret Atwood’s books, this story has a large emphasis on the female experience and shines a light on the double standards within sex and class.

Atwood takes a deeper look into the perceived perfection of Penelope and her maids, and as the story unwinds, we discover the real reason they are killed! 

A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair

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This is a New Adult book/series and is perfect for those who love mythology re-tellings, fantasy, romance, and a little bit of smut!

This book takes place in New Athens. Persephone is a college student, but no one knows she’s a goddess.

The world in this book is super fun because people know of the gods, but they are almost looked at as celebrities; for example, Hades owns the most exclusive nightclub!

Persephone is forbidden by her mother, Demeter, to interact with the other gods (especially Hades!!!).

Still, when her bestie Lexa gets an invite to Hades’ nightclub, she convinces Persephone to come along, and I think you can guess where that leads to!

This would be a great choice for any Percy Jackson-loving adults who also grew up loving series like ACOTAR, Shadowhunters, and Twilight.

It has a much sillier tone compared to the other books in this category, as this book is clearly not trying to take itself too seriously.

However, it might just be the book you’re currently in the mood for!

If you liked the LQBTQ+ representation…

The House in the Cerulean Sea By T.J. Klune

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When I first read this book, it immediately reminded me of the warm-and-cozy found family feeling that I had while reading the Percy Jackson books.

This urban fantasy book tells the story of a man named Linus, who is a ​​case worker at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth.

He is sent to Marsyas Island Orphanage to investigate the care of the extra special children who live in this Orphanage.

Linus begins this story with a very closed mind, but as he gets to know the children of the orphanage and the man who runs it, Arthur, he finds himself having a change of heart.

This is a queer love story with a very strong message of acceptance, how differences make us stronger, and why fighting for the justice of the ones you love is so important.

I have read a couple of other T.J. Klune books, and I love the light-hearted urban fantasy tone.

All of Klune’s books feature tons of representations of different sexualities and cultures, which to me is very reminiscent of Riordan’s books as well. 

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree

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This book’s tagline is high-fantasy, low-stakes, and though Percy Jackson’s books are always pretty high stakes, this book is all about what happens once the battle is over!

This book follows Viv, an orc who, post-battle and war and all that rigamarole, wants to open up a coffee shop. That’s pretty much it!

It’s a world of magic with small problems and features a queer relationship between Viv and Tandri. This book makes me think of Bob the Titan from House of Hades and The Sun and the Star.

And I also can’t help but think that this is what Monster Donut would look like if the monsters desired to give up violence and pursue food service hehe!! 

The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

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This book is a lot more high-action and a bit darker compared to the other two I have mentioned in this category.

In this urban fantasy/dystopian novel, we see several themes that are found in both Rick Riordan’s books and The Broken Earth series.

Though this series is not a romance-focused series, and it would probably be considered fantasy and science-fiction first and foremost, we do see many queer relationships throughout the series!

There is also a strong message throughout the series about climate change, which is something that reminds me of Riordan’s work in the way that he is always using his stories as a platform to inform and teach.

This series takes place in a world called Stillness, and its environment is so harsh it is close to unlivable.

Every several years a Fifth Season occurs, and it is an apocalyptic event that wreaks havoc on the world.

This book follows three women/perspectives, and I think it is best to go into the book knowing as little as possible and let the mystery unfold as you read! There are heavy themes of discrimination, imperialism, climate/nature, and more.  

If you liked the adventures… 

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien 

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When I think of books that are adventures and follow a fun and epic quest, of course, the first book that comes to mind is The Lightning Thief, but secondly, the book that comes to mind is The Hobbit!!

This is one of my all-time favorite fantasy books. I feel like the adventures that unfold and the relationships between Bilbo and the dwarfs remind me so much of the demigods and the various mythological creatures they interact with.

Bilbo sets off on an adventure with thirteen dwarfs and Gandolf, the wizard, to reclaim the Dwarven kingdom. Much like Percy Jackson’s books, the adventure along the way is the best part of the story.

They are met with many obstacles, and it’s filled with travel and magic! Also, it is one of the best fantasy books of all time, so it is a must-read!

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

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This book is another great choice because not only is it full of adventure and is in an urban fantasy setting but it also is full of different mythology.

So right off the bat we have a lot in common thematically!

There is a blending of American culture with ancient mythology, and though it’s not in a silly way like Percy Jackson books, it does remind me of a grown up version of it.

Another element of this book that can be found in both books is that it is a road-trip/travel adventure book.

Like The Lightning Thief, Shadow, our protagonist travels across the U.S. as the bodyguard for  Mr. Wednesday, an “old god” who is at war with the “new gods”.

There are also lots of real world U.S. landmarks written into this story which is something also found in Percy Jackson.

This is a must read for all of us Camp Half-Blood adults. Plus, we can use all that mythology we learned about from Uncle Rick 😆

I will say, this book is a LOT darker than Percy Jackson, but if you know that going into to it you will love this modern fantasy classic. 

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

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We already know that Rick Riordan loves Jules Verne, as can be seen in his stand-alone novel, Daughter of the Deep.

Jules Verne books can’t help but remind me of Percy Jackson books with all the adventures, new worlds discovered, and constant obstacles getting in the way of a quest!

Pierre Aronnax, an oceanographer, leads an expedition to discover an underwater sea monster that has been wreaking havoc for ships in the open sea.

However, when they encounter what is really under the water, they are surprised to find that it is actually the Nautilus being piloted by Captain Nemo.

This book is full of monsters, science, and adventure. Plus, if you read this, then you should definitely go check out Daughter of the Deep by Rick Riordan.

All the references in that book are *chef’s kiss*

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

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Though this book is much more sci-fi than urban fantasy, all of the comedy and elements of the protagonist learning about a whole world (or in this case, galaxy) they were unaware of has the same effect as Percy learning that the “gods are real.”

This book follows Arthur Dent, a normal man who finds out his friend is not a struggling actor but actually an alien who is re-writing “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

Along the way through space, they meet many different aliens and search for a new home. They also learn the meaning of life on Earth before it got destroyed!

This book is very fast-paced and very funny and would be a great fit for any adult who is looking for books in the same light as a Rick Riordan book. 

If you have any books that you have read and loved that feel like adult Percy Jackson books, leave them in the comments!

Also if you have read any of the books I recommended, I would love to geek out with you ♥️

Happy reading!


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