Will There Be A Red, White, And Royal Blue Sequel?

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve hopped on the band wagon for the romance novel Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston!

I’m really in my romance era rn, and though I typically stick to fantasy novels, my newfound love of romance has added SO many new books to my TBR!

Red, White, and Royal Blue has been a fan favorite for some time now, and though I am late to the hype of this book, I still absolutely loved it and am shipping Henry and Alex with my whole heart.

This book was SO much fun to read and is easily at the very top of my list of favorite romance books!

This book definitely left me wanting a continuation of the story. I had to know if there was going to be a sequel!

Will There Be A Red, White, and Royal Blue Sequel?

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed sequel to Red, White and Royal Blue.

That being said, in an interview in 2019, Casey McQuiston said that they are open to the idea of a sequel, and that they would be surprised if this is the last we see of the couple!!

Still, there is no current news of a sequel 🙁

In the collector’s edition hardback, there is some new bonus material showing the readers a glimpse into what the boys have been up to.

Perhaps with all the new hype surrounding the book from the Amazon Prime movie adaptation, Casey will hop on the buzz and give us a new story featuring Alex and Henry.

However, in my opinion, the story has such a perfect ending. I don’t need another book quite yet, I will just be re-reading this one many times!

Red, White, and Royal Blue – Thoughts & Review

Okay, first off, I have to say I just love the relationship between Alex and Herny. In my opinion, I think that that is the most important element of a romance book, the relationship that it centers around!

Not to be basic, but the two leads of the book were my favorite characters, and I loved the enemies, friends-to-lovers, and the element of forbidden romance.

I am a sucker for romance troupes. What can I say?!

I also enjoyed the formatting of the book and how it switched between third-person narration and the emails that Henry and Alex sent back and forth between each other.

Just across the board, I found myself so invested in the book and kicking my feet, blushing at how cute the two were together.

I also think the author did such a great job of giving this book a great heart.

You can definitely see it when the President accepts her son, as well as Alex’s group of friends accepting Henry and Alex, and Henry’s passion for bettering the world they live in!

I cannot recommend this book enough! Though the premise is a little silly, it is such a sweet and loving story. 

Is There Going To Be A Red, White, and Royal Blue Movie?

Yes, there totally is going to be a Red, White, and Royal Blue movie!!

Red, White, and Royal Blue (the movie hehe) is set to release on August 11th, 2023, and I am very excited to see the movie version of this love story.

I also feel like they cast the movie soooo *chef’s kiss*, especially the boys!

Henry is played by Nicholas Galitzine, who I am already obsessed with from the Netflix movie Purple Hearts.

Taylor Zakhar Perez plays the first son, Alex Claremont, and though the only thing I have previously seen him in is The Kissing Booth 2, I still think he will be the perfect Alex.

Also, the two actors re-creating this picture on Taylor Zakhar Perez’s Instagram shows how perfectly they get the heart of the book and the characters they are playing. 

PLUS, in this cast we also have American treasure Uma Thurman and English icon Stephen Fry!!

For both already-established fans of the books and people new to the story of Alex and Henry, this movie will be beloved for its fun romcom nature, its inclusivity, and the message of acceptance and change that Casey McQuiston set out to promote.

I personally cannot wait to see them create the first kiss between Alex and Henry at the New Year’s Eve party, because I think it was my favorite scene in the book!

But also, I kinda live for the build-up, and all the emails and late-night calls are just too cute. I cannot wait to relive those sections of the story but this time live action.

You know where I’ll be August 11th!


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