Percy Jackson Cabins – The Complete Guide To Every Cabin

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The world of Percy Jackson is filled with magic and mythology, but one of the most exciting and enchanting elements of the Percy Jackson world is Camp Half-Blood and the campers that make up those cabins.

Many PJ fans have wondered what cabin they would belong in if they were to one day discover that they are, in fact, a demigod.

Though there are a litany of online quizzes and tests to “find out what Camp Half-Blood cabin you belong in,” I think the only way to truly know is to have all the details on every cabin mentioned in the books!

Below, I’ve outlined everything you need to know about all the cabins found at Camp Half-Blood, the most popular campers of those cabins, and some of the key character traits/skills associated with those cabins!

Hopefully, this’ll help place you in the perfect cabin (and if you are in Apollo’s cabin, we might even be demi-god half-siblings 🤪)!

At first, there are only 12 cabins in this universe when Percy is first introduced to Camp Half-Blood by Grover in The Lightning Thief.

However, at the end of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, Percy makes a deal with Zeus to represent the other gods at Camp Half-Blood, and we see that followed through in the second Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus.

In the first book of The Heroes of Olympus, we see that there are now twenty cabins at the camp, and that the Greek gods are claiming their children before they are twelve years old (well, they’re supposed to at least…) 

In this post, I will only be talking about Camp Half-Blood Cabins. If you want a post about Camp Jupiter Cabins, comment below, and I will be your girl!

Cabin One – Zeus

Of course, the king of the gods would have to be number one at camp!

Zeus is the god of lightning, thunder, and sky. In The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon) is unable to travel across the United States by any airborne means (planes, etc.) because Zeus is out for him! Roadtrip anyone?!?!?!?!?!

Notable Campers: Because of the vow that The Big Three gods made to try to stop The Great Prophecy, this cabin is a lot emptier than the other cabins at the camp.

However, there are two campers throughout the different Percy Jackson series that live in this cabin: Jason Grace (who is a demigod from Camp Jupiter) and Thalia Grace

Camper’s Gifts: Children of Zeus have the ability to manipulate storms in the sky and use lightning to their advantage in battle.

They are also particularly noble and strong leaders. Jason has the ability to fly and also to create storms. 

Cabin Two – Hera 

Hera is the goddess of marriage and childhood.

Though she has an honorary cabin at Camp Half-Blood, she has no demi-god children because (duh) she is the goddess of marriage! So, she would not be unfaithful to Zeus.

Cabin Three – Poseidon

Poseidon is the god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, floods, and horses!

He is also the sire of all Pegasus and Cyclops, but he only has one demi-god child in the book series, Percy Jackson. 

Notable Campers: Percy Jackson! Percy, one could argue, is the MOST prominent camper.

His half-brother Tidus (a Cyclops), at times, spends summers in the Poseidon cabin, but Percy is the only camper and is also the head counselor of his cabin

Camper’s Gifts: Percy Jackson has some of the coolest powers! He is not only able to heal quickly and draw power from the water, but he also has the ability to breathe underwater.

He is also able to speak to horses! Percy was always drawn to water, even before his father claimed him. 

If you are drawn to the ocean, a strong swimmer (and maybe a horse girl?), you might just be a child of Poseidon!

Cabin Four – Demeter

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. In the Riordan books, her children have an affinity for farming and growing plants.

So all you plant moms, this may be the cabin for you! 🪴

Notable Campers: The most powerful child of Demeter in the Percy Jackson books is Meg McCaffrey in The Trials of Apollo.

She has more powers than the other children of Demeter at camp.

The other children of Demeter we know from the books are Katie Gardner, who is a head counselor in Percy Jackson & the Olympians, and Miranda Gardiner, who is a head counselor in The Heroes of Olympus series.

The Trials of Apollo is the perfect series for anyone who loves the Demeter lore, and through Meg, we get to see just what kind of awesome powers a child of Demeter can possess. 

Camper’s Gifts: Though Meg has some extra special powers due to her being a “more powerful” demi-god, there are a lot of gifts that all the children of Demeter possess.

All children have a knack for growing plants; you could say they have a divine green thumb!

They also have a connection to the earth and to growing plants on the earth. They have a keen awareness and are able to use this power to locate plants, wood, and trees.

Because they are the children of the goddess of the harvest, they are also the best chefs at camp. Plus, they’re known to have the most aesthetically pleasing and full of plants cabin too!

Meg, on the other hand, can do some CRAZY plant lady things! She can teleport through plants, grow plants at a crazy speed, and even use plants to teleport!

However, this is extra special, and if you didn’t grow up with a Roman emperor kidnapping and guarding you, you might not be hiding these special gifts. 

So if you have a green thumb, are a great cook, and love all things the earth grows, you are very likely in the Demeter Cabin!

Cabin Five – Ares

Ares is the god of war!

His children are brash, badass, and (like their dad) great fighters.

Notable Campers: Clarisse La Rue is the head counselor of the Ares Cabin in both Percy Jackson & the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus. Clarisse is an overall baddie and knows how to win a fight!

She is actually one of my favorite characters in the series! Clarisse is very prominent in winning the Battle of Manhattan and many other battles throughout the series.

Camper’s Gifts: Children of Ares are more apt to take up different styles of fighting and learn how to master different weapons.

Like their father, they’re also able to stir up the emotion of anger, and it helps them best their opponents in a fight.

Naturally, they have a leg up over the other campers at all things fighting, and they are also incredibly competitive (though most of the demigods are).

They also REALLY know how to hold a grudge. They’re born with more strength to help with brute force in battle and swiftness to help dodge opponents. Basically, don’t pick a fight with an Ares kid. 

If you’re a great fighter, have commanded an army of dead losers, maybe have a hard time keeping your temper in check, or excelled in strength and speed, you would fit in perfectly in cabin five!

Cabin Six – Athena

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy!

Notable Campers: Annabeth Chase, the leading lady of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, is our most notable member of the Athena Cabin.

She is the head counselor, and she also perfectly encapsulates all things Athena Cabin. 

Camper’s Gifts: Children of Athena are gifted with skills like their mother.

They are basically brainiacs, and they specifically are gifted in battle strategy. They are also partially gifted in both weaving and architecture. 

If you love a good craft or designing a building, you will fit into this cabin perfectly.

Another sign that you would be an Athena camper is if you are a “wise girl” and love to learn and excel in school!

Cabin Seven – Apollo

Apollo is one of those gods who has a whole basket of things he is the god of. He’s the god of music, poetry, art, prophecy, truth, archery, plague, healing, and the sun!

In my opinion, Apollo is the best god in the Percy Jackson universe. I mean, Uncle Rick must agree since he got his own series! 

Notable Campers: Apollo is one of the cabins where we get more named campers. Michael Yew was a head counselor in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and died during the Battle of Manhattan.

Another head counselor who died in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is Lee Fletcher, who died in The Labyrinth. Will Solace is probably the most notable of the children of Apollo, and is the current head counselor.

Camper’s Gifts: Apollo’s children are in charge of all the medical care at Camp Half-Blood and are gifted in healing.

They also are gifted in archery. Apollo is attracted to musical and creative people, so many of his children have mothers who are musicians or poets/are involved in the art, so they get musical talents on both sides.

Their gift in archery applies to shooting arrows but also all sharp-shooting talents!

(Soooo they would be great basketball players)

Will Solace has the ability to glow and use the sun to shoot bursts of light, which is SO cool! Children of Apollo are also able to use their music to heal people and can control sound waves. 

If you are into music or poetry, the Apollo Cabin would be a great fit! I also think anyone who is in the field of medicine would also be cabin seven camper. 

Cabin Eight – Artemis

Artemis is the goddess of purity, hunting, and the moon! Her twin brother is the god of the sun, and the whole sun and moon thing is just too cute.

In the Percy Jackson books, though Artemis has a cabin at camp, she has no birth children (because of the whole purity/chastity thing). So, the Artemis campers are actually huntresses who choose to follow Artemis.

The Hunters of Artemis do not live at camp but use the cabin as a place to stay when they visit. 

Notable Campers: Okay, Artemis has some of my FAVORITE characters in her hunt. Zoë Nightshade is introduced in The Titan’s Curse and is the leader of the Huntresses.

Bianca (Nico’s sister) in the same book becomes a Huntress as well. However, both die in this book which is so sad! Thalia Grace, once she is revived with the Golden Fleece, also joins the Hunters of Artemis. 

Camper’s Gifts: The Hunters of Artemis are important and do not age or die of natural causes.

However, they do swear off boys forever and are committed to fighting with the other Hunters of Artemis.

They can also talk to animals (which is sort of giving Doctor Doolittle), but they also are super helpful. They are fierce fighters and great at working as a team.

If you are a baddie girl who needs no romantic love but just wants to do girl boss stuff with other boss ladies, you are, for SURE, a Hunter of Artemis. 

Cabin Nine – Hephaestus 

Hephaestus, like Apollo, is the god of a whole bunch of things: blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, and also FIRE.

Though most of his children in the Percy Jackson books do not have fire powers, Leo does!

Hephaestus is also known to be wicked crafty, and a mad uggo, and also he’s in a love triangle with Ares and Aphrodite.

Notable Campers: There are several named campers from the Hephaestus cabin throughout the different series.

In Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Charles Beckendorf is the head counselor of the cabin, and is seen throughout the books around camp.

He is known for being kind and creative, and he bonds with Percy’s half brother Titus over metal work.

In The Last Olympian, Charles sacrifices himself on the Princess Andromeda to save Percy and take down the cruise ship filled with monsters.

Leo Valdez is one of lead characters in the Heroes of Olympus series, and he is also a part of cabin 9.

Leo is one of the most powerful children of Hephaestus and through him we get to see a lot of cool powers!

Leo’s inventions throughout the series are also some of the best parts of the books that he is in.

Camper’s Gifts: All children of Hephaestus like their father are expert builders and inventors.

I mean, look at the most iconic child of Hephaestus in Greek mythology, Daedalus and his awesome inventions!

They are also blessed with the gift of having power over machines and are able to sense what is mechanically wrong within a machine (which would come in handy when your car’s check engine light comes on)!

Leo has the rare gift of being able to both wield and withstand fire ,but this is a very rare gift for a child of Hephaestus.

Even though Hephaestus demigods are not the most powerful, they have some of the most practical gifts.

Plus, their inventions both in Greek mythology and Rick Riordan’s books are often what helps the heroes win battles and defend camp!

Cabin Ten – Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty and is a total hottie in the Percy Jackson world.

Her children in the first series (PJ & the Olympians) are depicted as vain and vapid.

However, in The Lost Hero (the first book in the HOO series), we are introduced to Piper McLean, and we get a whole new view of what the children of Aphrodite are really like.

Like their mother, children of Aphrodite are all things fashion and aesthetics (Piper being the exception, so you can be a child of Aphrodite and NOT be a total aesthetic-obsessed person) and have an affinity for making things look perf. 

Notable Campers: Silena Beauregard is the head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

Silena is described as being kinder than her other half-siblings. Though she does kinda work for Kronos and betray the other demi-gods, she has a great redemption arc. In the end, she’s a hero and a loyal friend.

Drew Tanaka is the demi-god who replaces Silena, and she is a straight-up B-word. She is everything bad about the Aphrodite cabin, and uses her leadership role and powers to control the other campers in her cabin.

Piper McLean is one of the main characters in the Heroes of Olympus series, and she later takes over Drew’s role. She also has more powers than most children of Aphrodite.

Camper’s Gifts: Children of Aphrodite can affect the way that people feel in regard to romantic desires.

They also can speak fluent French (because it is the language of love), and I can’t help but think how helpful that would be in school!

Another ability they possess is the ability to change their physical appearance, and are gifted with physical attractiveness.

Along with being a little extra hot, they also excel socially.

Some more powerful children of Aphrodite have the power of charm speak (like Piper and Drew) and can use their voice to control people to do their will. 

If you yourself are a total hottie, love other people’s love lives, and are a bit of an aesthetic queen, you may just be a child of Aphrodite yourself!

Also, if you have found yourself speaking fluent French without any education, that’s another good sign… 

Cabin Eleven – Hermes 

Hermes is the god of travel, roads, thieves, gymnasiums, athletes, diplomacy, orators, thieves, commerce, trade, and invention.

I kinda feel like he is just the god of all the leftover stuff from stories that no one else had already been the god of.

He is also the messenger of the gods and is most known for his winged shoes.

Because he is the god of travel, the Hermes cabin (before Percy traded immortality for the gods promising to claim their children) would take in all unclaimed campers, so their cabin was always very full. 

Notable Campers: Luke Castellan is first introduced in The Lightning Thief (it turns out he IS the lighting thief) and is the head counselor of the Hermes cabin.

Luke ends up working with Kronos to try to overthrow the gods because he has some serious daddy issues.

The other notable children of Hermes are the Stoll twins, Connor and Travis. Connor and Travis are fun-loving and always pulling pranks around camp. 

Camper’s Gifts: Children of Hermes have the same gifts that all demi-gods have, but their main character trait is being mischievous!

They are truly gifted pranksters, being very stealthy (like a thief)! They also are faster than other demigods.

This would be the perfect cabin for anyone who loves a good prank (and is also maybe a pickpocket)! All my mischievous and fun-loving readers will fit in perfectly in cabin eleven. 

Cabin Twelve – Dionysus

Dionysus, or Mr. D, is one of the gods (along with Apollo) that we get to see more fully developed as characters.

Because of this, he is one of my favorites, and I think he always adds the perfect amount of comic relief in the intense scenes at Camp Half-Blood.

He is the god of wine (though he has been banned from drinking it on earth and only drinks Diet Coke) and revelry but is known better as the god of parties!

In Rick Riordan’s version of Dionysus, he has the ability to be present at every and any party. Because of this, he’s able to call Percy to him at a child’s birthday party to communicate with him in The Last Olympian.

He is also the god of theater and madness, but these are touched on less in the books. 

Notable Campers: Pollux and Castor are twins, and the only named campers of cabin 12. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Castor is killed.

After the death of Castor, because Pollux is the only camper in his cabin, Mr. D ends up becoming a more faithful god than the other Olympian parents. 

Camper’s Gifts: The children of Dionysus have the power to help vines grow.

They can grow grape vines, and we see them helping the strawberry plants at Camp Half-Blood grow.

They also are good actors and can cast short spells of madness on other people. 

If you are a theater kid, you are prob a cabin 12 kid!

Also, let’s be real: theater kids are already a little mad and often lovers of wine-related bevies!!

And if not wine, for SURE diet Coke!

(Also, on the note of theater, if you don’t already love The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!!)

Cabin Thirteen – Hades

The last of the Big Three on this list!

Hades is the god of the underworld. There was originally no cabin to represent Hades at camp, but one was built after the events of The Last Olympian. 

Notable Campers: Nico is the only Greek demi god to live in cabin 13.

However, he has two sisters, his full sister Bianca Di Angelo (who became a Hunter of Artemis before ever getting to camp) and Hazel, who is a Roman demi-god and visits camp but does not ever live in Camp Half-Blood.

Nico Di Angelo is everyone’s favorite emo Hades kid and has one of the best character arches in the different series

Camper’s Gifts: Nico is a very powerful demi-god and has some of the coolest powers.

Because his dad is the god of the underworld, Nico has power over the dead. In early books, he would accidentally summon the dead when he got overwhelmed.

As he became more in control of his powers, he was able to summon the dead to fight along with him in battles.

He also has the ability to use and manipulate shadows. One of the best uses of this is shadow travel, where he is essentially able to teleport through shadows.

He can sense death, stay alive in the underworld, communicate with and summon ghosts, and so on. He also has a zombie chauffeur so that’s awesome too!

Cabin Fourteen – Iris 

Iris is the goddess of rainbows and is also a messenger for the gods.

The demigods are unable to use cell phones to communicate (cause they attract monsters, DUH) and instead use Iris messages.

Notable Campers: The only named Iris Cabin member is Butch Walker, who is introduced in The Lost Hero.

He is very defensive about his mom, and that’s all we really know about him!

Camper’s Gifts: There are no known Iris children powers, but I would imagine that they excel in passing on information like their mother and would also possibly have some rainbow-related powers

Iris is depicted as being peaceful and loves to give out advice to demigods; she even opens up her own store to do so!

So if you love a good rainbow, maybe work for the post office, and also are the go-to advice giver in your friend group, you could be a great addition to cabin fourteen.

Cabin Fifteen – Hypnos 

Hypnos is the god of sleep!

The Hypnos cabin is literally depicted as being a giant cozy nap room.

Notable Campers: The only named camper in Cabin Fifteen is Clovis, who we meet in The Lost Hero.

He is asked to try to retrieve Jason’s memories, this being a power of Hypnos. Other than that, he is almost always seen napping. 

Camper’s Gifts: Clovis has powers over sleeping and dreams as well as memories. He also radiates sleepiness and is often lulling other campers to sleep on accident.

He can give dreams like the gods are often doing throughout the series as well as make people fall asleep.

If you are a sleepy person, this is your cabin!

Cabin Sixteen – Nemesis

Nemesis is the goddess of revenge! Revenge!!!

Notable Campers: There are only two named children of Nemesis. Damien White, who appears in The Hidden Oracle, and is shown to have a bit of a temper. He’s also a little bit on the violent side.

The other is Ethan Nakamura, who first appears in The Battle of the Labyrinth and dies in The Last Olympian.

Ethan plays an important role in the character development of Percy. His hurt and anger towards his mother and not being claimed leads Percy to ask the gods to have to claim their children and the building of the cabins for the lesser gods. 

Camper’s Gifts: There are no known gifts associated with the children of Nemesis, but there are some key character traits that they display.

As we see with Ethan when he joins Luke and Kronos’s army, they are drawn to causes of revenge and retribution. They are unable to let go of a grudge or hurt, and they seek justice and righting wrongs. 


  • Do you feel the need in your soul to balance out wrongs?
  • Do you have a strong sense of justice?
  • Do you find yourself seeking vengeance and revenge on those who have wronged you?
  • Is Reputation your favorite Taylor Swift album?

If you answered yes to all of these, you better go check into cabin sixteen!

Cabin Seventeen – Nike

Nike is the goddess of victory (also, my favorite sneaker brand)!

Notable Campers: The co-counselors of the Nike cabin are Holly and Laurel Victor. They are first introduced in The Hidden Oracle.

The only scene we really see with the two sisters is the three-legged race at camp. Even after it ends in catastrophy, they still care more about who won than their own injuries. 

Camper’s Gifts: These campers are gifted with a competitive spirit that is truly unmatched!

They also are known to be the fastest campers at Camp Half-Blood. Children of Nike are real top-of-the-pyramid kind of competitors.

If you feel like second place is the first to lose, you are most likely a child of Nike (or Abby Lee Miller). If you love to win and love to compete, this is the perfect cabin for you!

Cabin Eighteen – Hebe

Hebe is the goddess of youth. To be honest, she is not really mentioned or referenced. 

Notable Campers: The only named camper from the Hebe cabin is Paolo Montes, and he is in The Hidden Oracle. 

Camper’s Gifts: There are no known gifts other than Paolo being noticed by Will Solace to have excelled in healing

Cabin Nineteen – Tyche

Have you ever heard of Tyche? Me neither, and I have read these books more times than I can count!

Tyche as a goddess, never appears in the series, but we do know that she is the goddess of luck and fortune.

We see on the map of Camp Half-Blood that there is a cabin in her honor, though!

Notable Campers: The only named child of Tyche is Chiara Benvenuti, and she appears in the Trials of Apollo series.

We see her interacting with the other campers, but she never really has time to shine or show off any character traits or abilities that are related to her mom. 

Camper’s Gifts: We can guess that the children of Tyche, along with their typical demi-god abilities, are also gifted with luck and good fortune.

I would even believe that more powerful children of Tyche can influence situations or games that include being lucky/chance and sway that into having a fortunate outcome.

I’d imagine it would be like how Felix Felicis works in Harry Potter. It would also probably be great to bring a child of Tyche along with you if you’re going to Vegas! 

Are you a lucky person and one of those people who always seems to roll a Yahtzee? Then Tyche might be your mom!

Cabin Twenty – Hecate

Hecate is kinda a baddy and is also kinda a sorceress.

Hecate is the goddess of mist, magic, crossroads, necromancy (creepy!), and also nighttime/the moon.

And yes, there is some double dipping on being the goddess of the moon. Those ancients Greeks just couldn’t decide, I guess! 

Notable Campers: We only know one of Hecate’s children, and that is Lou Ellen Blackstone. She is often seen using her magical powers to prank people. 

Camper’s Gifts: Hecate’s children have some really fun gifts because of magic and their ability to control the mist.

They are able to levitate objects and people, as well as use their magic to create shields of power (used to protect the camp from invaders).

They are also able to manipulate the mist, which results in lots of different illusions.

Lou Ellen is seen using the mist to make mortals see different things, and she is also able to use this mist to hide both people and objects.

Lou Ellen also, at one point, turns a bunch of Romans into piglets, so that’s awesome! 

Because the only child of Hecate we know is not a super prominent character, it is safe to imagine that the children of Hecate could have many more fun powers!

If you love magic and maybe even have some unexplained magical powers of your own, Hecate might just be your mom!

So, know what cabin you’re in yet?

The Percy Jackson world of cabins is pretty complex, but thanks to Rick Riordan’s excellent storytelling, there’s sort of something for everyone!


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