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For one of the most prolific and impactful writers of her time, Jane Austen’s personal life manages to elude many of those itching to know more about the author.

Austen’s diaries are practically nonexistent, and nearly all of her personal correspondence with friends and family were destroyed, leaving little trace of her personal life.

So, how do we learn more about this author? How can we see her impact on literature as a whole?

Luckily, there are some excellent resources out there for the most devoted Austen detectives!

Below, I’ve covered a couple fantastic books on Jane Austen by writers devoted to tracking down answers to the many mysteries that surround her life.

1. Jane Austen: A Life by Claire Tomalin

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This excellent biography by Claire Tomalin sheds a unique and interesting perspective into the life of the famed author.

Contrary to the claims that Austen led a quiet, meek, and humble private life, Jane Austen: A Life sheds light on the witty Regency socialite Austen really was.

It’s a fascinating deep dive into the social life of Jane Austen and is one of the best starting points for anyone who wants a close look at this author.

2. Jane Austen’s Letters by Deirdre Le Faye

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While the majority of Austen’s letters were destroyed posthumously by members of her family, some have managed to remain preserved in time.

This collection of letters, arranged and annotated by Deirdre Le Faye, provides a glimpse into Austen’s trademark witty and sharp language she employed in her personal life.

We also see Austen’s thoughts on her life as an author in a new light, with her tone shifting effortlessly between humorous and gossipy to composed and intelligent. 

3. Jane Austen: A Family Record by Deirdre Le Faye

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Another excellent selection from author and historian Deirdre Le Faye, this collection of testimonials and other collected writings from Austen’s distant relatives provides another angle to her story.

For the avid Austen historian, this text can be particularly helpful to get a peripheral view of the author.

4. Jane Austen: Her Life: The Definitive Portrait of Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Art, Her Family, Her World by Park Honan

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Park Honan’s monumental work on the life of Jane Austen is one of the most concise reports featured on this list.

There are a plethora of endnotes and fine details laced throughout the work. Plus, Honan had the help of a few of Austen’s descendants as he worked on the project.

It’s a must have for any Austen enthusiast looking to grow their library on the life of this author.

5. Jane Austen at Home: A Biography by Lucy Worsley

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Lucy Worsley’s approach to the Austen biography is a bit of a unique one.

By analyzing Jane Austen’s living space and home life, as well as the many different locations she frequented, she gathers a new set of information that paints an intriguing portrait of the artist.

The work is an excellent choice for any fans of Austen’s work, as the parallels between the spaces of her own life and those that backdrop her work take on new colors and depth.


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