Caraval Movie – Everything We Know About The Adaptation

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I know many Stephanie Garber stans are in a constant state of asking, “What’s up with the Caraval movie adaptation?”

Well, it’s a tricky question to answer, but let’s break down what we do know about it, and what the future for a Caraval adaptation could look like!

First off, there has not been any news of a Caraval movie adaptation since 2015 other than Stephanie Garber confirming that 20th Century Fox does still have the rights to the Caraval series.

The buzz around Caraval being turned into a movie began in the summer of 2015, with the movie version of this fantasy story being titled Hearts Made of Black.

This was the original title of the first novel in the Caraval series that would later be changed to Caraval.

The movie adaptation was announced with the producer Pouya Shahbazian, who also produced the Divergent movies.

Pouya Shahbazian is also a producer on many other YA film adaptations, such as Love, Simon, Shadow and Bone, and is also producing the upcoming adaptation of The Selection series.

So, though this seems like it would have been a great fit for the producer, it was just not the time for Caraval to make its screen debut.

While I feel like the fantasy/circus vibe of the Caraval series was very on-trend in the early 2010s, this quickly dropped off in popularity, which could be why the Caraval adaptation never got the full green light.

However, due to Booktok and Garbers’s spin off Once Upon a Broken Heart, the Caraval series has regained popularity in the book world!

So, Is There Going To Be A Caraval Movie?

The short answer is that there are no future plans for a Caraval movie to be made, but the rights have been picked up, which still leaves it as a possibility for the future.

During a Q&A on Goodreads in 2017, Stephanie Garber shared that, though it is a possibility, there are no definite plans at the moment. But who knows what the future may hold! 

In my personal opinion, it’s very trendy right now for YA book series to be made into series on streaming services (such as the Shadow and Bone series on Netflix or The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime).

Also, with 20th Century Fox now being owned by the Walt Disney Corporation, there are several different streaming services that this adaptation could be featured on in the future!!!

As a fan of Garber, I would personally love to see this made into a series or movie.

It has a fun, youthful, and magical feel and would be similar to The School for Good and Evil adaptation on Netflix.

Will There Be A Fourth Caraval Book?

No, there will not be a fourth book in the Caraval trilogy.

Though the series left me with a sense of more adventures to come, the series will unfortunately not be getting a fourth book.

However, if you love the world and characters of Caraval, you can read Stephanie Garbers’s spin-off series, Once Upon a Broken Heart.

Though Scarlet and Tella are not the main leading ladies in this series, you still get to see them briefly, and we get to learn much more about the magnificent North!

If you recall in Finale, the wedding party was turned to stone by the Fate, Poison.

Well, there is much more to that story, and you will get to read all about it in OUABH!

This series is my personal favorite among the two, and if you liked Jacks, the Prince of Broken Hearts, you are going to LOVE this spin-off series! 😉

What Would A Caraval Adaptation Look Like?

Real quick, before we move on, this section does contains spoilers for the Caraval series if you haven’t finished it yet!

Okay, spoiler-alert out of the way, I think that this would be such a fun book-to-screen experience for readers of the book.

Garber sets up a very magical and colorful world, and I would love to see the visuals of the game of Caraval itself.

One thing I think that would be different if this were to turn into a movie or series is the introduction of the Fates earlier in the story.

The Fates in this world are VERY important to the plot of the second and third books (and also Garber’s spin-off series), but they are not introduced until the second book.

I also wonder if they would possibly exclude the real Count Nicolas Darcy, later seen in Finale, or add even more to his story line. 

Have you read this series? If so, please drop a dream cast in the comments! Also, let me know what you would change in a book-to-screen adaptation!

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