The 7 Coolest Throne Of Glass Dust Jackets 

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Personally, I own three different copies of the Throne of Glass series, each with different covers!

And let’s be honest, I’m still looking to own more!

You can’t help but collect your favorite series, so for all your Throne of Glass lovers, I have made a go-to list of my faevorite (see what I did there 😉) Throne of Glass dust jackets!

All these are either on my wishlist or my bookcase!

Getting new dust jackets is also a great way to freshen up your bookshelf without getting all new books, and the unique artwork will set your bookcase apart

The original artwork is a little dated, in my opinion, but it’s also ICONIC, so it is a must-have for all SJM fans.

I also fell in LOVE with the new covers that were released in February of 2023 and had to snag those for my collection as well. I live in the U.S., so I have the U.S. additions of both! 

Anyways, let’s jump into the list! These dust jackets vary in price, so your girl has got ya for whatever your budget may be to update those bookshelves!

1. Nerdy Ink Covers

Buy these covers here!

These are THE Throne of Glass dust jackets. I feel like every book influencer I watch has these bad boys gracing their shelves.

I have these in my collection, and I love how they look on my shelf. The style of art is so beautiful on both the spine and the front/back cover of the books.

Another element of these I love is that they feature different characters from the series, whereas the original covers only feature Aelin. My favorite is the Manon artwork on the cover of Queen of Shadows.

These dust jackets just have it all! Quotes, vibes, characters on the front and back of the book, and the inside folds of the jacket make a map of Erila! 

2. Juniper Books 

Buy these covers here!

Every little book fan dreams of those pretty, pretty Juniper Books dust jackets!

One of my favorite pastimes is just perusing the website and daydreaming about one day biting the bullet and spending the big bucks on these dust jackets!

These dust jackets definitely cost quite a pretty penny, but you can also purchase these dust jackets as a bundle with the books included.

What makes these look so great on your shelf is how they make a picture when all the books are lined up together.

If you are not into having artwork of people on your books, this is a great option!

The spines create a picture of the Lord of the North (the stag that represents the spirit of  Terrasen).

Though the spines are different, the covers of all eight books are identical other than the titles of the books.

3. AcryliPics Bookish Nook

Buy these covers here!

For a more nature-themed dust jacket set, these are a great option!

They feature a landscape of Terrasen that, when the books are lined up, creates a picture.

Each book on the cover features a landscape that is prominent in the plot of that novel.

For example, Throne of Glass cover has the Glass Castle and Queen of Shadows has a sky full of wyverns.

They also have options for hardbacks and paperbacks, which is much harder to find. 

4. The Dusty Shop

Buy these covers here!

The Dusty Shop is so much more than just dust jackets! They also have such beautiful inlays, bookmarks, and so many products I love to drool over.

These dust jackets are often sold out, but it is always worth keeping an eye out for a re-stock!

I always see these ones come up on Instagram, and every time I see them, I want to add them to my collection so badly! The foiling on the spines and just the overall aesthetic of these are so dreamy. 

5. A Touch of Magic Designs

Buy these covers here!

These dust jackets remind me of the original cover art more than most of the others on this list.

They capture the color pallets of the original covers in a very pretty way, while still having a twist.

While the covers mostly feature just Aelin, there are usually other characters featured as well who are prominent in that particular novel.

6. SheReadsByTheSea

Buy these covers here!

These are a great choice for anyone looking for a minimalist design that would fit in perfectly with a classy and clean-looking book collection.

These also have paperback and hardback options, which is a great find as well!

I love how the spines have tiny little Aelins from each book, and the quotes on the back are perfect for any TOG fan!

7. JoPainterDesign

Buy these covers here!

I am obsessed with the picture that these dust jackets make when all lined up together!

Our girl Aelin in her armor, looks badass and fabulous as always! I also just love the style of this artwork.

Also, you know how sometimes fan art just doesn’t fit that image that you had in your head?

Well for me, these are SPOT ON!

These dust jackets are also covered in different characters from each book on both the front and the back of the book.

Though all of these different dust jackets a great choices, my favorite is the Nerdy Ink Dust Jacket set!

I think for both the price and overall vibes, you just can’t beat the Nerdy Ink products. 


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