The Best Throne Of Glass Tattoo Ideas 

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For Throne of Glass readers, the ultimate fan move is to get that fandom permanently inked into your skin!!

Though I haven’t taken my bookish love to this level personally (yet), it’s truly just a matter of time before I get my own bookish tattoo!

However, when scrolling through Pinterest, it can be so hard to find the perfect tattoo among the sea of dated (cheugy tbh) tattoos.

Lucky for you, I went ahead and compiled a list of what I think are the best Throne of Glass tattoos! Read on to check them out!

The Absolute Best Throne of Glass Tattoo Ideas

Some of the cutest Throne of Glass tattoos I found were actually Etsy!

You can purchase designs from Madi Can’t Stop Reading on Etsy! Her artwork is perfect for any TOG fan, and you can support a small business while sporting your fandom with pride! ❤️‍🔥

Here are my favorites from her online store!

Check out this design here!

I love this one because it perfectly combines all things Aelin. This is a design of Goldryn with the Lord of the North antlers on top to symbolize Terrasen, her kingdom.

Check out this design here!

This little pack of Wvyerns is perfect for anyone obsessed with the Thirteen! Our favorite clan of witches is synonymous for their beloved Wyverns.

The sections in Queen of Shadows with the training of the Wyverns are equal parts epic and heartwarming.

Check out this design here!

Fireheart ❤️‍🔥is what Rowan calls his beloved Aelin. This heart surrounded by fire is a great choice for the Throne of Glass fan who wants a more subtle reference to their favorite character!

Is it a little punny? Yes! But it is also so cute!

Goldryn Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo of a sword is always a great option to show off your favorite fantasy series. There are so many iconic swords in fantasy, and Goldryn is definitely THE sword to get if you are a Throne of Glass fan.

Check out this design here!

I love this design of Goldryn with the words “You Do Not Yield” within the blade from Bekah Bookish Designs on Etsy.

You could also take the picture of Goldryn from the cover art to your tattoo artists and see what personal designs they come up with to best suit your tattoo dreams!

The cover art of Kingdom of Ash has a great picture of Goldryn you could use for reference!

Aelin’s Fire 

Any flame-inspired art would be a great choice for showing off your love for Aelin Fireheart!

There are lots of different ways you could go about this, but I found some pretty examples that you could use as your tattoo inspo!

This artwork is done by BookishKoda on Instagram so make sure to check them out if you use these actual designs.

One idea I couldn’t find a great already-drawn-up idea of is the crown of flames that Aelin has when she uses her magic! So if you have this tattoo, please share what it looks like in the comments!

Quotes From Throne of Glass 

Personally, I am a huge fan of word tattoos. Every time I plan to go get a tattoo, it is almost always writing, and the tattoos I do have are writing.

Another great aspect of quote tattoos is that you can choose any font you want!

If you are interested in having your quote match the font of the series, the official Throne of Glass font is Augustea Open!

Here are some of the best quotes from the series that would make the perfect tattoo.

“To Whatever End”

This quote is very important in the relationship between Aelin and Rowan and the fandom as a whole.

This is how Rowan and Aelin say they love each other and is first found in Heir of Fire when they confide in each other about their pasts. Rowan commits to following her to whatever end.

It can also be found at the end of Kingdom of Ash when Rowan and Aelin are finally able to put the war behind them and live happily ever after!

“‘To whatever end?’ she breathed. Rowan followed her, as he had his entire life, long before they had ever met, before their souls had sparked into existence. ‘To whatever end, Fireheart.’”

“I Will Not Be Afraid”

This is Celaena/Aelins mantra that keeps her going throughout the series, but it’s very prominent in the first couple of books of the series.

We later learn that she adopted this self-affirming reminder from Sam (her first love!).

It’s a great reminder to get as a tattoo for yourself (but also as a reference to your favorite book series!).


If you don’t feel like the Fireheart artwork listed earlier is your vibe but you still want to show off your love for your favorite character, then the actual phrase “Fireheart” is always a great idea!

This is a great quote, short and simple, and it would fit nicely anywhere!

“You Do Not Yield”

This quote is from Kingdom of Ash, and perfectly shows Aelin’s resilience, strength, and perseverance. It’s a great tattoo to symbolize your own resilience (and love for Aelin hehe).

You do not yield. She knew that had been true–that it had been her mother’s voice who had spoken and none other. So she would not yield to this. What had been done. What remained. For the companions around her, to lift their despair, their fear, she wouldn’t yield.”

“Rattle The Stars”

The full quote is “You could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if only you dared”, and is said by Chaol to Celeana in the first book of the series.

You could also get cute little stars as a reference to this fan-favorite quote and keep the meaning behind it for only you to know!

“Fire Breathing Bitch Queen”

This one is not for the faint of heart, for sure. BUT this iconic TOG quote is too funny not to add to this list!

My bestie and I always joke about getting this tattooed on ourselves. It’s not a great idea to get this quote tattooed on your arm necessarily but it could be a funny, cheeky little secret tattoo for the TOG girlies.

If you have a Throne of Glass tattoo please show it off in the comments because us fangirls need to see it!


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